At some point you will have a lot of roasts being shown on the Roasts page. To quickly find a specific one or maybe all roasted on a specific machine, you can use the Filter text box.

Text search

If you simply type any word into the filter box, you will get a list of roasts in which the word appears as (part of):

  • roast label and batch number
  • roast notes
  • label, Cxxxx number, origin of the roasted coffee or blend ingredients
  • label of the roasted blend
  • roast machine and setup
  • user

Usually, just entering what you are looking for will bring the desired results. Sometimes, though, some of the following tricks might be of help!

Exclude (hide certain roasts)

If you want to hide certain roasts, just start your search string with a minus -. All roasts that match will be exluded from the results. You can use - on most of the following specific search types.

Filter specific roast information

Roast number Rxxxx

Just type R1099 to find the roast with this specific roast number

Roast weights

The following will work with kg or lbs, depending on what you have configured in your settings.

  • if you want to get all roasts with amount or yield of about 10, just enter 10

  • if you look for amounts or yields of about 10.5 like 10.451 or 10.549, simply enter 10.5

  • if you want to list all roasts with amount or yield larger than 10, search for >10 while <10 will yield all with amount or yield less than 10

If you want to search for specific properties, you have the following possibilities:

  • USER: Marko if several users are using your account, get only those uploaded by Marko
  • COFFEE: longberry find only roasts with a coffee (also within blends) that has a label including longberry
  • COFFEE: C1134 which roasts used the coffee C1134?
  • ORIGIN: ethiopia give all roasts from Ethopian coffees
  • ROAST: test roast find only roasts with this label
  • BLEND: espresso blend find only blend roasts where the given blend name matches, alternative one can filter for blend roasts containing a specific coffee BLEND: Cxxxx
  • AMOUNT: >12 or YIELD: <10 see “Roast weights” above, equal or below, but specific to amount or yield, respectively

Special searches

Find all roasts of a specific roast report: enter the full name of the report

Find all roasts that are missing the amount or yield: 0, (zero and a comma)