This is the list of beans you describe. Click on an entry to show its detail description.


Your beans can be described in quite some detail. Most importantly, by their name and origin. Add certifications, lot and ICO numbers, information on the producer, and the package unit (like bag, box, or barrel size) for simpler amount representation. Specify also the varieties this lot is composed of, the growing altitude and grade, how the beans were processed, their density, moisture and the total crop yield for easy reference.

Bean attributes

A list of transactions is listed per bean to be easy modified or deleted.

Watch out! Most attributes can be filled quickly from the predefined values by typing the first few letters of their value.


You can import complete bean records incl. name, origin, variety,… properties from our bean supplier partners by a simple click on the import icon on the suppliers page.

Import link

Alternatively, you can enter the beans SKU reference number as copied from the suppliers offer into the import box in

Import Beans Data


Beans descriptions can be shared via Web links.

Export beans data

A click on the share link icon copies a beans link to the clipboard, which can be shared by email, on a forum or a blog post. Here is an example of such a beans link:

A click to a beans link opens the beans input widget displaying the data to be imported for review before the import is confirmed.

Import beans data


Use the clone button to make a copy of an entry and use it as template for the next years crop.


Use the consume icon to mark an entry as consumed by setting its stock to zero.

Mark a bean as consumed


Use the hide icon to mark an entry as hidden such that it does not show up in the list any longer.

Hide a bean from the list

You can use the hide filter to toggle the list of beans showing either all visible or all hidden entries and thus mark hidden entries visible again.

Make a hidden bean visible again


To show only organic beans click the leaf icon to turn it green.


The filter box allows to search for entries in various ways.