A store specifies a location where you store your beans. Any number of stores can be defined. The stock of one coffee can be distributed over several stores.


Each store lists its current stock by amount including the total costs and costs per kg for each bean. The last transaction of a bean in the store is listed for quick reference.


Beans are added to a store by a purchase, transferred between stores and removed by selling them. If needed by stocktaking a correction of the stock amount can be added. All actions on a store, including roasting some of its beans, are listed as transactions below the current stock. Individual transactions can be edited or deleted. Roasts have to be edited under Roasts.

Add a store

Add a store

On adding a store you can specify its location. Initially new stores are empty.

Watch out! You can change the cover picture of your store by hovering over the existing picture and pressing the red pencil icon. Choose and trim a new picture from your local file system.

Purchase beans

Purchase beans

On purchasing beans you will be asked to select beans you already defined under Beans or define some new beans. You will also have to specify how much beans you purchase in kg or the number of package units (like bags) you defined for those beans. Finally, you have to set the date and time of the purchase and the target store.

Specify the amount

On a second screen of the dialog you can specify the price of the beans per kg or the total price and enter some additional accounting information like the order number for this purchase.

Specify the value

Sell beans

Sell beans

Beans of a store can be sold to a customer by specifying an amount and price, among others.

Amount of sale
Price of sale

Transfer beans

Sell beans

To transfer beans, you specify the source and target store as well the amount to be transferred.


Correct the stock amount


In cases you detect a discrepancy between your real stock amount and the amount registered on the artisan.plus platform, you can easily add a correction. Either specify the correct absolute weight or a weight difference.

Stock correction